The western district of Potsdam also have attractions to offer as the provincial capital itsself. The long history of the small villages Uetz and Paaren does have - unfortunately as elswhere - made some losses of historic buildings,  all the more it pays a visit to the existing attractions.

You can already see from afar the tower of the imposing gothic church of Uetz. Right next to it, "sleeps" currently the manor and the old white stables that served former royal Schatullgut. Not far away you will find the ferry and fishing house, which is currently being restored. From this beauteful building from the views leading up to the Mühlenberg, from the still standing from the 17th century. An old windmill, of which only the foundaton Stones are left as remnants.

Also Paaren historic church which was buld in 18th century. The church is still waiting for the restoration to bring back former glory.

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